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Use Terrain Tags as a method to configure a tile.

What are Terrain Tags

Terrain Tags are a numbered value set for the tileset's tiles.
Each tile can have a different value from 0 to 7, the default value being 0.

To change their values, click on the “Terrain Tags” button on the right side of the tileset to enter that mode.
At that point, the tiles will have a number visible on them, most of them at 0 on a new project.
Left-click on a tile to increase their value up to 7, or if already 7 set it to 0, and right-click to lower their value, 0 going to 7.

Terrain Tag button on Database

Configuring a Tile with a Terrain Tag

Setting a tile's Terrain Tag gives it the same configurations you gave that Terrain Tag's number on the Plugin Parameters, then any you add to it through a different method.
This method has a lesser priority, meaning any setting added through this that are changed by another method will be overwritten.

The Terrain Tags' configurations are set on the plugin parameters, nested inside the Tile Config parameters.  Plugin Parameter

Clicking on them, you will open a new window, with the tabs Structure List and Text.  Structure List The Text tab we can ignore. It is for setting the value of the whole parameter by putting a text there, but that is a very advanced way to change the values.
Structure List means this is a List, meaning you can add as many as you need, and the elements on the list are a Structure, meaning each one has more parameters to set inside.
The default list has only two elements, but you can either:

  • edit them by double-clicking on one of the values there, or
  • add a new value by clicking in the empty space under the last value (notice how the select area on the screenshot, despite being empty, still has a number on the left side).
    However it is important to remember that, while you can add many values there, the editor itself only sets them on the range of 0-7.

Opening one of the values, be it to edit or create a new one, opens a new window, this time with the tab Structure instead of Structure List. Terrain Tags' Structure These are, basically, parameters, similar to Plugin Parameters but limited to that element of the list. The Terrain Tags' structure has two Values to set:

  • Terrain Tag: the number of the Terrain Tag the setting is for. As mentioned before, they can go from 0 to 7, 0 being the default.
  • Configuration Functions: the actual settings you are configuring for that Terrain Tag.
    Set them the same way as configuring the tiles in the Database's Tileset tab, but keep in mind it will be applied to all tiles with this tag's number, regardless of tileset.
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